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 What is Cadre Camp?

Cadre Camp is a week long, face to face experience that is used to kick off the MALT program and experience. During this week, students meet each other for the first time and begin to form relationships.

Students are challenged to expand their thinking about technology and how people learn, and work together to solve several design and technology challenges.

I have led the planning and execution of Cadre Camp for the past 15 years. In 2014, I presented at the IPDX '14 on the ideas and methods involved with Cadre Camp.
 Link to Presentation Slides

 Cadre Camp Activities

The Lego Challenge

This activity is one of the major activities of the week-long camp. In it, students are required to use Lego Mindstorms robotics kits to create an autonomous vehicle that is capable of solving a specific challenge. They are required to construct the vehicle, and then write the program that will allow it to succesfully complete the challenge. In many cases, this challenge is undertaken by students who have very little prior experience with programming and building. This activity stretches them from both intellectual and technological standpoints, but it also serves as a valuable introduction to the ideas that support action research, collaboration and reflection.

The Iron Chef

This activity uses cooking and food preparation as a context setting activity for students to repfect and share their own learning experiences related to learning to cook. Students are given produce and a knife, and in groups they are instructed to prepare the produce to certain specifications of varying difficulty, while sharing stories with each other of how they learned to cook.

The combination of action, storytelling and sharing helps students to examine learning that occurs largely in a very natural setting. By observing and discussing these ideas, students begin to open their eyes to ideas about teaching and learning that extend beyond the typical methods found in school and corporate learning scenarios.