Bill Moseley, Ph.D.
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 About My Consulting

I keep up my consulting work for a variety of reasons.
  1. I believe it is the most valid method for keeping my coding and design skills sharp.
  2. I find that consulting meets my need for a creative outlet.
  3. I enjoy technology and the challenge of learning new things.
In my consulting, I work on a variety of projects. Some are contracts with institutions or businesses. Others are ideas that are brought to me by colleagues who might not have the skills or resources to create them on their own. My favorite projects, though, are the more experimental projects that I come up with on my own. Rarely do these projects pan out in the business sense. Instead, they are often proof-of-concept projects, or projects that I use in my classes or to better understand a learning or behavioral phenomenon.

 What Kind of Work?

Over the years, my projects have utilized a wide variety of technologies:
  • Web Design
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • UI / UX Work
  • Destop Applications
  • iOS Apps / Swift
  • Android Apps
  • Game Development
This list is not exhaustive. I have developed in ASP, VB, .NET, Java and other languages. I am also a capable video editor, photographer, and graphic designer. I have also been dabbling in Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects recently. I'm not afraid to try any technology, platform, or project, and that means I tend to learn things quickly.

 The Learning Underground

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I started TLU in 2012 with the intent to use it as a financial and legal shell for some of the larger consulting projects I was getting involved with at the time. It is also a useful structure for the organization of project teams to work on new ideas that come along. Since its inception, I have moved all of my consulting and development work under this umbrella.

 Recent Projects


This adaptive learning tool can take any set of content or learning standards, and turn it into a powerful tool that gives students exactly what they need to learn, exactly when they need to learn it.

Combining a wide variety of assessment tools with standards-driven mulitmedia delivery, MyLearningMachine increases student success in understanding the critical learning outcomes in any course of study.