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 Our Work in Haiti

My family has been involved in Haiti for the last 15+ years. We have worked with several non-profit organizations, mostly focused on working with education, women and children. The work that we do varies, but typically relates to the different abilities we have in our family. My work typically revolves around education and technology support. In 2011, we began the adoption process of our 7th child, who is from Haiti. He finally came home in the summer of 2014.

 Hi, I'm Bill...

I am a Professor of Computer Science at Bakersfield College, an Adjunct Faculty at Pepperdine University in the Graduate School of Education and Psychology, and a Software Developer. I'm also a father of seven, a tinkerer, an artist, and a pretty good cook. I love learning new things, challenging myself, and I believe that real change is possible in education.

 My Education

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Ph.D., Educational Leadership & Higher Ed. - 2010

Dissertation Topic: Student and Faculty Perceptions of Technology's Usefulness in Community College General Education Courses
Link to Full Dissertation Text
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M.A. in Educational Technology - 2001

Research Topic: Increasing the Effectiveness of Online Education through Personalization
Link to Executive Summary of Research Link to Stop-Motion Video Trailer for Research
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B.A. in Psychology, Art Minor - 1997

 My Interests:

I have a number of interests, both professional and personal, with a lot of overlap between the two. So much overlap, that I won't bother distinguishing between the two categories here:

  • Educational Leadership
  • Educational Change / Reform
  • Games and Learning
  • Robotics
  • The Maker Movement
  • Computational Thinking / CS in Education
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Software Development
  • Technology Trends

 My Experience:

Over the course of my career, I have focused my work on three major areas:

Professor, Bakersfield College  

May, 1998 to Present

As a full time, tenured professor in the Business Management and Information Technology for over 15 years, I have taught and developed a variety of classes in Computer Science, and also served in numerous leadership roles on campus.

Click here for more on my work at BC

Faculty, Pepperdine University  

July, 2002 to Present

I have taught in the Master of Arts in Learning Technologies program for almost 14 years, and more recently in the Doctor of Education in Learning Technologies program. I have taught multiple courses, and also provided leadership in the MALT program.

Click here for more on my work at Pepperdine

Consulting / Software Development  
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Doing work in addition to my 'day job' has always been a big part of my professional picture. The work I do has ranged from marketing and graphic design, to web and software development, to the development of full-scale learning management systems. In 2012, to support these efforts, I launched The Learning Underground, Inc.
This corporate structure provides a capital resource and legal structure to support large-scale and experimental projects.

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